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Simplicity is the key to true sophistication, although minimalist does not always mean simple.
Steve Jobs

This guiding principle is also reflected in the developments of infra evolution. Our product set-ups are minimalist, but not simple. The basis for true quality is defined in the design stage where we separate the essential from the non-essential. Our focus is on providing cosy, radiant warmth.

Function, producibility and beauty have always been our main criteria in the development of every individual product component. And this will never change. Quality is key: we make no compromise when it comes to selecting the basic materials. Low-wage countries are ruled out as a source of supply. We use the know-how and modern production processes of contractors from our immediate vicinity.

Quality is tangible. Quality is palpable. See for yourself and experience the quality of our premium products in one of our showrooms. We look forward to your visit!

Curved front

Compact design. High efficiency.

Efficient heat radiation is no coincidence, but the result of a sophisticated holistic system.

High-quality, coordinated material components guarantee the high efficiency of the infra evolution infrared heating. The combination of inside insulation with a stabilising, insulated carrier plate on the back ensures that the front of your infrared heating panel heats up quickly and efficiently, while the rear side of infra evolution stays 40° C cooler. In this way, the absorbed electrical energy is intensified by the higher radiation component of the panel and can be transmitted into the building substance of the room in the form of heat radiation. The higher the proportion of radiation, the higher the efficiency of the infrared heating.



Carrier plate

Light and stable

Thanks to stable panel set-up, the infrared heating system from Infra Evolution GmbH can be used on the wall, on the ceiling or as a floor model. It is torsionally stiff and does not react sensitively to mechanical forces.

An infrared heater is permanently exposed to mechanical stress due to the alternating phases of heating and cooling. Different expansion coefficients of the materials as well as uneven heating of the components cause the individual panel components to slide slightly, coupled with deflection effects. For the panels to withstand these natural forces many years, they need to have a certain degree of flexibility – because soft is stronger than rigid

The infrared Konvex model owes its outstanding and stable flexibility mainly to the torsion-resistant, elastic high-tech carrier plate in honeycomb design. Our panels are allowed to deform for a few millimetres while heating up, but when they cool down they return to their original shape. You will not hear any sound from this smooth motion. It is silent, because the individual components of the latest-generation panel are permanently elastic and connected to each other without any metallic contact.


Dimensionally stable and quiet

The frameless, slightly curved front and the elegant profile of the heat-radiating side walls of the panel ensure optimum distribution of heat waves in the room.

The convex front of the infrared heater not only gives the panel its very special characteristic, it also provides a stable yet flexible panel surface that adjusts without a sound to the high temperature fluctuations of the infrared heating. There is no glue in the front panel and, similar to a membrane, it can move freely depending on the surface temperature.

This innovative approach to form and function is particularly noticeable in suspended installations. The beautifully slim silhouette of the panel makes the "Konvex" model an important interior design element.



Heating conductor

Quick effect

In spring and autumn, when we experience rapid changes in temperature, we need a heating system that is quick to react. This is one of the strengths of the infra evolution infrared heaters.

A few minutes after the room thermostat switches to “go”, the room will be pleasantly warm. The short reaction time of the infra evolution infrared panel is due to the metallic heating conductor that is attached directly to the back of the front panel in a permanently elastic manner.

The high thermal load causes the heating element to alternately expand and shrink. In order to be able to ensure the long service life of the heating conductor, it must also be free from tension when it moves. The heating element is gently embedded in firepoof insulation material, the core of the infra evolution heater. This allows the heating conductor to provide its full heating power without any wear and tear.

On the wall

Simple installation and adaptability

The infrared mounting system connects the infrared panel in a stable but tension-free manner to the retaining plate that is mounted on the wall or ceiling. The mounting system not only fulfils this task expertly, it also stands out with its quick and easy method of installation.

Two fittings are mounted on the wall at a distance of half the panel length. Because of the way in which the horizontal and vertical mounting slots are arranged, wall mounting with screws is easy, and also works with inhomogeneous wall structure, because the panel can always be re-adjusted.

All you need to do to mount your infrared panel on the wall is to insert the infrared heating into the suspension fittings and lock it in place with the wall spacers. Stable and tension-free installation. Taking the panel down is just as easy. You won’t even need tools.

Uneven walls need to be levelled out. Thanks to the four wall spacers from Infra Evolution, the annoying and unprofessional enclosing of levelling material is a thing of the past. The spacers make adaptations without the build-up of tension in the panel possible.

Your infrared heating panels will move constantly during the heating system. Not only does the panel “grow” and “shrink” because of high temperature fluctuations (heating ON/OFF), it must also be able to flex without any resistance. The different expansion coefficients of the materials and the temperature differences of the panel surfaces create a "bimetallic effect", i.e. a slight deflection. Instead of fighting the laws of nature, we give them free rein. Our support system smoothly compensates for all movements of the infrared heating. This successfully prevents tension in the panel.

wall mounting

model stand

On the floor

Grounded and solid

Turning a wall model into a floor model – a successful balancing act of Infra Evolution. Our panels will never lose their grace, no matter where they are placed.

The Konvex model also shows off its perfect form when standing on the floor. With a two-position mounting system, the stand is connected to the back of the infrared panel and secured by means of a mounting rail. All it takes are a few twists of the wrist. A grip knob is screwed onto the second mounting bolt. The non-slip knob is pleasant to the touch. Your infrared heating can now be moved safely and easily with the mobile stand. Mobility on two wheels – have a good ride!

On the ceiling

Simple installation and safe

In certain situations, installing your infrared panel on the ceiling is the best way of bringing pleasant radiant heat to the desired "point". Safety is the top priority in this type of installation. The suspension system must be such that it is impossible for the infrared panel to drop to the floor. This is why we categorically ruled out simple mounting methods with cross slots.

The infra evolution panel is inserted into the suspension fittings by means of mounting grooves that are provided with a safety catch. The panel is reliably secured in the suspension fittings thanks to its weight alone. And in addition, it is tension-free locked in place via the four ceiling spacers, and so it is impossible for your infrared heater to fall down.




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Elegant and individual

In high rooms, your infrared heating panel can also be suspended from the ceiling by means of a cable system.

The elegant and slim silhouette of the panel makes the Konvex model an important interior design element. Suspended mounting is recommended for rooms with a height of three metres and more.