How infrared heating panels by infra evolution work

Your benefit – our focus

A short response time of the infrared heater ensures comfort within a short period of time, moreover the heat output is more efficient – a strenght of ‘infra evolution’.

Internal core insulation on the one hand, a stabilising insulated base plate as back panel on the other hand, result in a quick and efficient temperature increase in the front panel. The back of the panel, however, remains 40 degrees cooler. This explains among other things the high efficiency of the infrared heating by ‘infra evolution’.

Because of the unique geometry of the infrared heating systems by ‘infra evolution’, the heat emitting surface, as well as the radiation angle could be maximised. The higher the heat emitting surface, the higher the radiation portion, as well as the efficiency of the infrared heater. Due to the solid panel composition, the infrared heating system by ‘infra evolution’ can be used universally as wall, ceiling or standing model.

The main task of a fixing system is to fix the infrared heater firmly but tension-free to the mounting plate on the wall or ceiling. The fixing system by ‘infra evolution’ fulfils all these criteria brilliantly. Moreover it impresses by the quick and easy installation.

A wall panel turns into a stand panel – no problem, the multi-functional ‘Two-Point Fixing System’ by ‘infra evolution’ makes it possible! On the one hand, this system ensures that your infrared heating system can be easily fixed in a few simple steps on the wall or on the ceiling, but on the other hand, it ensures that you can use your infrared heater as an adjustable ‘Standing Model’ as well. The frameless, slightly convex front panel and the elegant profile of the ‘Model Convex‘, moreover, look very exclusive and are therefore popular furnishings.