modell konvex

Model Konvex

The infrared evolution

“Konvex”, the premium product offered by the infra evolution brand, embodies all the 20 years of sector-specific experience in one product.

The convex front of the infrared panel from infra evolution not only gives it a special and typical feature, it also ensures a stable yet soft panel surface that silently adapts to the high temperature fluctuations of the infrared heating system. The frameless, slightly convex front and the elegant profiling of the side walls of the panel enhance the exclusive infra evolution design and ensure optimum distribution of heat waves in the room.

High-quality, coordinated material components guarantee the high efficiency of our infrared heating. We combine internal insulation with a stabilising insulated carrier plate on the back. In this way the front heats up quickly while the back of the panel stays 40° C cooler. With its newly developed two-point mounting system, your infrared heater can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in just a few steps. You can also easily use your infrared heating as a mobile stand-alone model. The multi-functional mounting system makes it possible.

Distinctive features

  • Convex front
  • No frame
  • High quality surface finish
  • Panel thickness 30 mm | Overall depth including mounting system 55 mm
  • Multi-functional two-point mounting system with wall spacer | Mounting distance only 25 mm
  • Multi-functional mounting rail
  • Stabilising honeycomb plate
  • Quick reaction to temperature fluctuations
  • Insulated back

RAL finish

Harmonius. Universal.

The panel surface of an infrared heating system has to meet exacting demands. Our company developed a dedicated surface finish to meet all of these requirements. The unique surface quality of infra evolution panels is not only visible, you can also feel its pleasantly radiant heat.

RAL colours ordered for the first time are produced to order according to our quality specifications. Please note that the lead time for laboratory work can be up to two weeks.

RAL colours already available in our range

1015 | 9003 | 3007 | 7004 | 7006 | 7016 | 8001 | 9017


RAL finish

To Motifs

Surface impressions

Personal. Customised.

You have a wealth of options to choose from with the customisable, frameless and convex panel surface of infra evolution heaters on which you can have images or texts of your choice printed. Here’s where function and design meet.

The following standard images are available for the infra evolution infrared heating panels. Customised prints are also possible.

Exclusive image

Are you a creative spirit with a love for the unique? Do you have some cherished old photos in your treasure chest? Even damaged ones? Give your old pictures a new life.

The high-quality frameless infra evolution panels make a wonderful and fitting base for your unique pictures. We will be happy to advise you!

How it is done

  • Professional photomontage
  • Image restoration for your ancestral gallery
  • Colourisation of old photos (black and white photos become colour photos)

Model Konvex as stand-alone model

Stand-alone model

Panel + infra butler

The massive, 15 kg infra butler stand turns your wall panel into a mobile stand-alone panel.

It takes only a few steps to set up the Konvex6, Konvex7, Konvex8, Konvex9 or Konvex11 infrared panels as floor model. A mounting sleeve creates a form-fitting connection between your infrared panel and the infra butler. The panel and the stand become one unit. A new product is born; a stand-alone infra evolution panel.

infra butler stand


Whether it is the Konvex6 or Konvex11 model that you would like to turn into a stand-alone model, the infra butler supports them all. Three mounting bores ensure flexibility. The infra butler takes up the panel via a two-point locking system. With a few rotations, the panel is fastened and secured by means of a mounting sleeve.

The infra butler stand stands solid as a rock. 15 kg of steel, distributed on a 55 x 55 cm base, ensure a low centre of gravity and thus unrivalled stability.




The 34 kg Konvex11 stand-alone model can be easily moved around thanks to the infra butler’s two transparent wheels. Hold the infrared panel with one hand, tilt the stand backward and off you go.

Two large glides and two rubber wheels give the infra butler contact with the floor, so that you can turn the stand-alone model and move it around without leaving any scratch marks on the floor. The infra butler also does not run off uncontrollably. The two glides form a gentle natural brake and have a damping effect when the infra butler moves the infrared panel from rolling to standing position.


The infra butler not only makes your heating panel mobile, it also puts it into the limelight.

The sophisticated system makes it possible to install infrared panels of various formats on the infra butler stand. The design of the appealing surface of the convex panel front is always in full view. You will not even notice the infra butler. All you see is the customised surface design of your panel, made possible by a special printing process.

three panels