how infrared heat works

The sun has a portion of infrared radiation which heats up the surface of the earth. Due to the infrared rays, the atoms of the solids start vibrating on the surface. This results in heat, which is emitted to its immediate environment. This warmth is experienced as comfortable and particularly pleasant by people.

Why is infrared heat so comfortable

An infrared heating system heats the wall, the floor and the ceiling simultaneously, as it heats up all solids in the room. All this happens without air stratification and air circulation. Positive side effect: Infrared heat prevents the growth of mould and has a magic effect on people with sensitive skin or respiratory diseases.

Other convincing arguments
  • No expenses for boiler room, tiled stove or storage
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Maintenance-free and energy-saving
  • Long durability
  • User-friendly installation