own design

Give your infrared heater a personal touch – choose among a wide selection of images at FOTOLIA. We have already made a small preselection for you. Of course, you can also turn your heater into a picture with one of your personal images. So, there is space provided for each of your well-made snapshots.

Give your infrared heater a personal touch.

Please note that due to the required image properties, not every motif can be used for every single format of the infrared heating systems by ‘infra evolution’. (See PDF Download ‘Image File Requirements‘ at the end of this page )

We buy your favoured image motif for you at ‘Fotolia’ (max. 100 credits). For this we need the number of your chosen image. However, your picture-motif can be only accepted with reservation. Whether the image meets the required printing criteria or not, will be checked before print approval.