Evolutionary infrared heating systems

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Infrared heating systems

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Infrared heating systems by 'infra evolution' – picture heating on the wall

Multi-functional 'Two-Point Fixing System' with wall spacers and mounting bolts

'Standing Model' by 'infra evolution' – the 'Infra Butler Stand' makes your wall panels adjustable

'Infra Butler Stand' – inconspicuous functionality


Infra Evolution – evolutionary infrared heating systems


An infrared panel has to fulfil a lot of requirements - numerous little details finally result in the big picture.




Model Convex

Model 'Convex' – the 'Infrared Evolution'

The model 'Convex' reflects 10-year-industry-specific-experience bundled in one product.

‘Model Convex Image‘ mounted on wall

Model 'Convex Image' – beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The convex surface of the infrared heating systems by 'infra evolution' can be individually designed with various images, own designs and personal texts.

possible 'Own Designs'

Model 'Convex - Own Designs' – enough space for your private snapshot

Give your infrared heater a personal touch – choose among a wide selection of images or use one of your snapshots as a motif.

'stand model'

A new, unique product was launched on the market – the 'Standing Model' by 'infra evolution'

The solid 15-kg 'Infra Butler Stand' makes your wall panels adjustable!
With the help of two transparent wheels, even the 34-kg 'Standing Model Convex 11' can be easily moved.

panel as hanging model

Technical data – valid for all types of installation methods

Due to the multifunctional 'Two-Point Fixing System', you can use your infrared heater by 'infra evolution' as wall, ceiling, hanging or standing model.

EQUIFIX two point fixing system

Multi-functional 'Two-Point Fixing System'

Thanks to the multifunctional 'Two-Point Fixing System', the infrared heater by 'infra evolution' can be quickly and easily moved in every desired position - When being fixed on the wall, the brackets compensate irregularities. As a consequence, your heater is tension-free but firmly fixed.

Read more on ‘Profile’ by ‘infra evolution’

Profile – maximises the radiation angel and the heat emitting surface

Innovation in function and design is particularly noticeable with the model 'Convex'. Due to its stylish, well-shaped panel silhouette, the model 'Convex' has become an important piece of furnishing.

Read more on ‘Base Plate’

Base plate - the backbone of infrared heating systems by 'infra evolution'

Soft is better than hard. The model 'Convex' is comparable with a palm tree – basically stable and solid, however, flexible and adjustable to elemental forces.

‘Heating Conductor’

High-tech heating conductor – the lifeline of infrared heating systems by 'infra evolution'

High temperature fluctuations between spring and autumn require a heating system with a short response time – one of the strenghts of the infrared heating systems by 'infra evolution'.

'Back Panel'

The back panel is 40° C cooler than the front panel

Efficient heat radiation is not a coincidence. It is the result of a perfectly masterminded technology. The higher the portion of radiation, the higher the efficiency of the infrared heating systems.

infrared heat

Cost-efficient heating – effect and operation of infrared heat in rooms

The emitted heat of infrared heating systems feels like the nice radiant heat of a tiled stove and is easily and effectively regulated by room thermostats.

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